How to not charge my Overseas Owners GST on any fees


My Overseas Owners should not be charged GST on any fees, how do I stop this?



1. Set up reminders for the properties owned by an overseas owner who wants GST refunded. (Monthly around 25th of each month)

2. At the end of the month, before doing the monthend close-off wizard, preview an owner statement and check the Statement summary for each property to get how much GST is to be refunded

3. Process Credit notes (negative invoice amounts) against each of the two properties for the GST amount  against a creditor called GST Refunds. (A creditor called GST Refunds needs to be set up)

4. Process a Receipt Creditor into the GST Refunds Creditor to clear the balance 

5. Process a Payment Ledger out of the GST Ledger

6. Reconcile the last two entries against each other

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