Palace Live access on your mobile device


Palace Live - Access from your Apple or Android devices.
NOTE: the below screens are taken on an iPad mini, displays will vary depending on your type of device

Download the Citrix Receiver from the App Store, which you can find by searching the keyword 'Citrix Receiver' in the search field.
The icon will look like
this - 



Once installed run the 'Receiver' App and tap on 'Add Account'



Enter the relevant address below and tap on 'Next to continue - 




Add your account information (NOTE: The Username and Password are the same ones you use to login to the Palace Live Website).  The Domain must be set to 'PALACE'



Palace will then be added to the PalaceLive Virtual Apps on your device. Tap on the + menu on the left of your screen and again tap + to add Palace Live as one of your apps.

IMG_0460.PNG  IMG_0461.PNG


You can run the 'Palace' app at this point by tapping on the palace icon which will then bring up your normal Agent login screen.



NOTE: Tap on the drop-down arrow at the top of your screen to view your keyboard, mouse and other gesture options.



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