How to change my disclaimer on inspection reports

How do I change my disclaimer & Do you have a disclaimer that can be used for the Inspection Reports ?



To change your Disclaimer, you will need to do the following steps


  • Go to Property Tab
  • Then Select a Property, "Right Click"
  •  Select Diary
  • Right Click on a Inspection, Click Edit
  • Then on the top right of the Inspection you will see the wording (Setup Company Disclaimer) 
  • Click on the Icon with the 3 black horizontal lines
  • Please enter your System Password to gain access to make amendments
  • Then "Save"

(This is a global message that will change all Disclaimers on all Property Inspection reports)


We have been asked for some suggestions for disclaimers. Below are some samples that our clients have sent in.


This inspection is done from the point of view of a prudent owner walking through and around the property only.  It principally involves surface defects, cleanliness and overt damage.  It does not cover damage occurring that cannot be seen while standing in a room or on the ground outside.  We have neither climbed into or onto roof spaces or under structures.  This inspection must not be read as a full utility or structural survey, nor should it be seen as an endorsement of the legal status of the property.  All comments we may make on utilities, structure and property law must be checked with better qualified authorities.  We are happy to recommend trades people and professionals who carry out comprehensive and specialist inspection.




The statements contained in this report are prepared solely for the purposes of the property’s suitability for rental. It is not to be interpreted or utilised in any other manner whatsoever as to soundness or defects of structure. It remains the owner’s sole responsibility to establish and maintain the structural soundness of the property in conformity with all the building regulations and by-laws. No liability will be accepted for any incorrect use or omission in the preparation or use of this report.

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