The tenant's paid to date appears to go back a day on the owner's statement Why is this ?


Paid to dates only advance forward when there is enough money received to cover a full week's worth of rent.

Every rent receipt starts with a paid FROM date that is a day after the last Paid to Date, but the TO date will only go forward if a full week's rent has been received.
If there is not enough money to cover a full week, then the rent receipt sets the paid to date to the day BEFORE the paid FROM date so that the next rent receipt can start again from the correct Paid FROM date.

It is important to understand that although the paid to date may not have advanced, the money received has increased the owner's balance and will be paid to the owner as usual (less fees) at the end of the month.
The part payment is stored as a part-payment on the tenant record, so that when enough additional money is received to complete a week, the Paid to date will then advance a week.
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