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Support for Uploading to Web sites
Many Palace users are able to upload their available properties to web sites. Please note the following :
1. Harcourts Group – they are uploading to H1 (the Harcourts corporate web site) and from there the listings automatically go to Trademe and Harcourts (H1) updates are pretty much immediate. There is a document available that covers the requirements for new Harcourts offices. (Harcourts Browns Bay is the only Harcourts office to do a Palace Trademe upload as well as an H1 upload) Contact Ron or Duncan.
2. Ray  White group – they current use MyDesktop for their corporate web site. Palace is NOT able to upload to MyDesktop at this time. Since they have to manually load listings to MyDesktop, and since MyDesktop then sends listings on to Trademe,, etc, there is no need for any uploading of available properties for any Ray White office.
3. Professionals Group – they are in the process of moving most offices to Property Suite. Palace is currently uploading available properties for some Professionals offices to Property Suite web sites on a similar basis to H1 system. From there Property Suite will forward listings on to Trademe and Other Professionals offices currently upload to “Red Box” which is the Professionals “old” corporate web site. For this we need to get upload codes from Christine McCracken at Professionals head office. Contact Ron.
4. Uploading to Trademe – clients wishing to use this service must have an account with Trademe. We then must email Kathryn ( ) at Trademe to get a new client code. Since we decide on part of the feed code, Ron is currently requesting these.
5. Uploading to - clients wishing to use this service must have an account with We then must email Katherine ( ) at realestate to get the provider code and the office code. The client also needs to get agent codes from
6. Clients Own web sites – clients wishing to use this service must get their web site developer to contact Realbase for an internet transfer specification which outlines what Palace does and what they need to cater for.Submit a request and our Tech Support can help you.
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