29th June 2023 | Social Housing - Agencies, New garage and off street parking fields, Holiday Owner statement update & Bug fixes....

Feature Summary

Social Housing: Agencies: At long last, the newest addition to our Social Housing module is here - Agencies!

NOTE: Help article on how to set up and use Agencies within Palace is here.

Property: Garage and off street parking fields: Two new parking fields have been added to the Property - Publish tab to accommodate all types of parking available at a property - Garage Parking & Off Street Parking.


NOTE: Trade Me uploads have also been updated to capture the information entered in these new fields. This information will display on the Trade Me listing under the new attributes area.



We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring out some new features to our customers. We plan to start introducing the below items from mid July 2023 - please keep an eye out on our release notes, newsletters and notifications within Palace.

  • Realestate.co.nz integration update
  • New Owner Portal


What we fixed

PAL Holidays: Owner statements - provide overview of opening balances: An update specifically for our PAL Holidays clients, we have introduced a new section onto the Holiday PAL 2 (Portrait) statement. You can now expect to see an itemised, grouped list of transactions that make up the opening balance displayed at the end of these statements.


Reports: Tenant movement - agent filter not applying correctly: The agent filter on this report has now been fixed and will apply to the primary 1 agent only, instead of all agent types. This will rectify issues with tenants being displayed on this report more than once.

Dashboard: Tenancy reminders - duplicate Issue: Duplicate reminders on the dashboard will now no longer be created when there are tenant records with the same tenant name present in a database.

Transactions: Online file - process today function: Historically for this function, we were pulling eligible single payment transactions through based on the user entered transaction date. With this change, eligible single payment transactions will now be pulled into the online file area based on transaction entry date (not a user entered field).

Eligible single payment transactions continue to be:

  • Refund Rent
  • Refund Tenancy Invoice
  • Refund Bond (Other)
  • Refund Overpaid Rent
  • Payment Ledger
  • Payment Owner
  • Payment Supplier
  • Payment User

Reports: Occupancy - include all properties option: For our clients who relied on our Occupancy report in it's former state, we have added a new filter option - 'Property Start Date' - to the report menu. The filter offers 2 options - Include All or Within selected date range. Selecting 'Include All' will generate the report in it's former state. 'Within selected date range' will generate the report in it's new state.

NOTE: Help article on the ins and outs of this report is here.


Owner: Related property list not obeying primary 1 agent: The related property shortcut available on the owner lists will now obey the primary 1 agent on the property. Previously, the values displayed on hover were correct, however when the shortcut was selected the displayed properties were not accurate.


Reports: Overdue rent - UTC issue for overdue rent diary group entries: We have fixed an issue with the diary entries that are displayed on the overdue rent report, when the report is generated in landscape format. You can now expect to see the diary entries displaying the correct dates.

NOTE: The report displays the 3 most recent tenant diary entries that are linked to the overdue rent diary group.

Property: Date available removal - save and view: Some advertising feeds in Palace rely on a specific property diary entry in order to remove the listing successfully from the relevant sites. We discovered an edge case that resulted in the diary entry not being created, therefore advertising listings were not being taken down. We have now fixed this so when a property has a date available removed and save is selected (save & close, save & view, save & new), we will create the required diary entry as expected.

Transactions: Invoice supplier - comments: We were made aware recently that property addresses were being appended to invoice supplier transaction comments, therefore displaying on owner statements. We have now fixed this issue so users can expect the correct comments to be displayed.

Transactions: Owner payments V3  - payment method: Clients running our version 3 owner payments may have come across an issue with an owners payment method not being respected in all instances. This was specific to owners set to cheque payment method but had a valid bank account linked to their record. Now, when an owner is set to cheque payment method, they will be excluded from the direct credit schedule and online file successfully.

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