23rd May 2023 | Secure Sign integration & Bug fixes....

Feature Summary

Integration: Secure Sign: We have integrated a new digital signature solution into Palace - Secure Sign! Check out the details here.

NOTE: Help article on how to set up and use Secure Sign within Palace is here.



We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring out some new features to our customers. We plan to start introducing the below items from mid June 2023 - please keep an eye out on our release notes, newsletters and notifications within Palace.

  • Social Housing - Support Agencies component
  • Property - Garage and Off Street parking fields


What we fixed

Dashboard: Property Charges/Supplier Invoices - Rounding on chargeable vs non chargeable: Issues with rounding on non chargeable property charges and supplier invoices on the dashboard have now been resolved. This will result in entries displaying in the chargeable section when the Owner/Property balance allows as expected.

Property: Inspections Mail Merge - Additional filter added: Tenants that are picked up for a Property Inspection mail merge now have another filter applied. Current Tenants will now appear for mail merge as long as they do not have a vacate date set, or they have a vacate date set = to or greater than the run date.


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