21st April 2023 | Invoice Automate integration, PAL Holidays workflow updates, Security enhancements, Bug fixes and more...

Feature Summary

Integration: Invoice Automate: We have integrated a new invoicing solution into Palace - Invoice Automate! Check out the details here.

NOTE: Help article on how to set up and use Invoice Automate within Palace is here.



We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring out some new integrations/features to our customers. We plan to start introducing the below items from mid May 2023 - please keep an eye out on our release notes, newsletters and notifications within Palace.

  • Secure Sign integration
  • Social Housing - Support Agencies component


What we fixed

System: Bank Account Admin approval setting - Mandatory for all databases: An important change for customers who are yet to utilise our Bank Account Administrator approval workflow. To increase transparency around attempted changes being made to entity bank accounts within a database, this setting will now be turned on for all customers. The setting will no longer be available as an option under our System > Settings area.

NOTE: If you're not 100% about how the Bank Account Admin approval setting works, click here to have a full read into the details.

PAL Holidays module: Batch Owner Payments - Allow net off: In line with our standard batch Owner payment workflow, we have now added the 'Net-Off' functionality to our PAL Holidays module - Payment Owner Holiday - Generated batch transaction.


NOTE: If you're not 100% about how Net-off works, click here to have a full read into the details.

PAL Holidays module: Owner Statements - Invoice copies: We have introduced the ability to attach invoice document copies to Owner Statements during processing of batch Holiday Owner Payments & Statements. When the Generate Statement toggle is set to YES within the Holiday Owner Payments batch setup window, Users will now see an Invoice Documents section with 3 options displayed:

None - No invoice document copies will be sent out with Owner Statements

Include All - All invoice document copies for the specific period (linked to transactions - transaction date within specified period & not linked to transactions) will be attached and sent out with Owner Statements

Linked Transactions only - Invoice document copies for the specific period that are linked to transactions, will be attached and sent out with Owner Statements


PAL Holidays module: Owner Statements - Generate for ALL payout balances: The Generate statement option available within the Holiday Owner batch payments set up menu, will now look to generate Statements for ALL current PAL Holiday property Owners regardless of the payout balance (positive, negative or zero).

Transactions: Supplier (Pending Invoice - Diary Entries/Description): When a user creates a pending invoice or a new invoice via the Supplier diary, the description of the diary entry will now include the property address to enable easier searching.


NOTE: In addition to this - the Find option available on each entry on the Supplier Invoice tab on the Dashboard, will now redirect the User to the Supplier Diary, with the relevant entry highlighted. (Users will need to check all diary pages to find the highlighted entry, if the entry is not on the first page).

PAL Holidays module: Receipt Holiday Guest (Multiple) - Allow fully receipted status update: In order to prevent a guests fully receipted status not being manually updated after transactions have been processed, we have added the option to update a Guests fully receipted status at the time of processing the guests transactions via Receipt Holiday Guest Multiple. Any updates made to this new toggle on transaction process will update the individual guest record - Fully Receipted field.


Palace Knowledge base: Secured: In order to secure our external product information, Users who wish to access our Knowledge base (https://support.getpalace.com/hc/en-us), will need to create an account and login to view our help files, announcements, release notes, video tutorials etc and to submit a support request.

NOTE: This also applies to the Help widget inside Palace - this is linked to our Knowledge base.

Users needing to create an account can do so via the areas displayed below:


NOTE: Users with a current Knowledge base account, can continue to login and navigate to required areas as you usually would.

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