Fast Connect - Power Comparison

If you are using Fast Connect, you will know that they offer a power comparison service that is free to your tenants or even your Owners.

Fast Connect have a flyer that they can email you that you can attach to a mail merge out of Palace.

So how do you do this?


Firstly set up the letter.

In Palace - Go to Document Templates

Click on Create New

Name the letter and then choose "Tenant" as letter type.  (you can duplicate later to make "Owner Type"


Save and close

Now go to the letter, click the edit button and click on Edit document

Set up the letter, use the example below


Save and close when done


Sending the letter

Go to Tenancy (Left hand menu)

Click on Custom Views

Click on the Tenant List (Custom view if you have it)

Click on the blue line + to open up the mail merge

Select the Fast Connect Letter

Select all the tenants


Click on Merge

Double check the letter

Now click on Email

A box will pop up 

Email Details - this is the subject line

Then click on Attachments - and attach the Fast Connect Flyer

Then you can email it out


It will show in all tenant diaries

Just repeat the steps for Owners (after you duplicate the letter)


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