17th March 2023 | Entity screens - Total count updates, Bug fixes and more...


We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring out some new integrations/features to our customers. We plan to start introducing the below items from mid April 2023 - please keep an eye out on our release notes, newsletters and notifications within Palace.

  • Invoice Automate integration
  • Secure Sign integration
  • Social Housing - Support Agencies component

What we fixed

Entity Screens: Total count updates: From now on, when a User logs in to Palace they will notice the total entity counts and balances will reflect what the logged in User has permission to see - I.e. shared permissions, company portfolio and administration authority.

NOTE: This relates to the Total counts and balances visible on the Owner, Property & Tenant screens (current and archived).


Month End: Held in Trust Report: We have fixed an issue that saw clients that have recently undergone a merge or conversion, have the month end process fail on Held in Trust report generation. This was due to Owner names not being found from imported data. The held in trust report will now generate successfully for these clients within month end as expected.

PAL Holidays module: Guest email address: We have now removed the requirement for a guest to have an email address entered in their record. This will relieve guest editing issues in Palace for Hostaway integrated clients - where the email address is not mandatory.

PAL Holidays module: Hostaway integration update: The Hostaway integration has been updated so all guests that are fed through to Palace will have their fully receipted status set to No by default. This will also relieve guest editing issues within Palace.

Month End: Owner Payments: After identifying a specific workflow that caused issues with bulk Owner Payments within month end, which saw specific Owners not being prompted to the User to be placed on hold (due to a phrase in the Owner name), we are now glad to report we have resolved this issue. Owner payments within month end should now process successfully as expected, with Owners who are needing to be placed on hold being identified correctly to the User.

Reports: Bond Audit: The report totals at the end of the Bond Audit report will now align with their respective columns as expected.

Users: Create New - Duplicates: We have fixed an issue that resulted in duplicate Users being created in a database, this was caused by the Save & View function, followed by the Save & Close function. Users can now successfully enter Users in a database without creating duplicates.

Transactions: Charge Owner Letting Fee (Reduce Keep Back): When processing Owner Letting Fee charges via the Receipt Tenant Multiple transaction and the transaction fails due to insufficient funds, the system automatically creates a pending charge with keep back. When processing the pending charge from the dashboard, the option to reduce the keepback was missing. We have fixed this issue so Users will now receive a prompt asking if they would like to reduce the keepback for these specific charges.

Transactions: Pending Charge Owner Letting Fee: We were made aware recently of the phrase - No Comments - being appended to Charge Owner Letting fees that were set to pending. We have now fixed this issue so the appended phrase will no longer display on the pending charge on the dashboard or on the Owner Statement once processed.

System: List Defaults - Social Housing required fields: A small change required to our Social Housing list default options (available to our clients with the Social Housing module turned on). This change sees any options within the list defaults that are not set to active, will not be able to have the required status changed from No. If an option is set to active, a user will then be able to make a change to the required status.

Reports: Change logs - Capture key deletion: When a key is deleted from a property we will now record this action with the related details, in the main and individual property change logs.

Advertising: Soft safe Trade Me error: In some cases where a User was adding new agents against a property and uploading the property to Trade Me in one step, this would result in the property being saved with 2 primary 1 agents. We have now fixed this so the agent change will now need to be validated before uploading to Trade Me.

Property Inspections: Export/Import list - User drop down: We have made a small change to the User drop down within the property inspections - export/import lists. We have implemented exact matching to mitigate issues around Usernames having leading/trailing spaces/special characters that were causing a mismatch in the resulting lists.

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