Initial Database Setup

One of your first appointments will be setting up your new Palace database.

This is entering your bank account details, company information, choosing default settings, and configuring how you want your Palace database to operate with different functions. In addition to this, there are setup items such as customised fields, document templates, and the inspection template (if you are wanting to use the Palace inspection app).

You may find your database setup is broken down into smaller appointments… the first to get you up and running and thinking about what templates you want in your database, the next to assist you with entering in new document templates and another to work through the inspection templates for your full and routine inspections. There are some helpful videos available here for some of these additional setup items if you want to make a start without your trainer too.

Below is some of the information you want to think about for this setup appointment and have on hand. Some of these were part of the questions you answered when you signed up with Palace:


Company Details: Phone, Address, GST Number.

Bank Account Details: For both your Rental and Trading Account.

Owners: Will owners get paid weekly, fortnightly, twice a month, or monthly? Will they have their statements emailed or printed, or both?

Fees: Have your standard fees handy - Management and Maintenance %, Inspections, Owner Letting Fee (whether you charge a week plus GST or just a flat rate?).

Advertising: Will you feed advertising to Trade Me? Trade Me requires a specific account with them to do this so please have these details handy to set up the integration. Do you also want to advertise on websites such as or even your own website? We can arrange this too!

Integrations: Do you use other property management tools such as Maintenance Manager, Tapi, Inspect Real Estate, TPS, Renti, Bricks and Agent, REI Forms (Aus), FastConnect, SATS, Inspection Manager, Inspection Express ( name a few)? Let us know and we can get these integrated with your Palace database!

Users: Are there other users that need to access your Palace database? You can have as many users as you like with no additional charges.

Document Templates: Have you got some document templates already? We supply some basic document templates with your new database to get you started, but if you have your own we suggest popping them into Word Docs, and your trainer will show you how to drag these into Palace and add the Palace merge fields.

Inspection Templates: Palace has its own inspection app for Full and Routine Inspections. Have a think about what information you want to capture during a full inspection and whether you want to capture the same information during a routine... or whether the full is very comprehensive and the routine is less detailed but still checking in on all the same details every few months.




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