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This tutorial will take you through how to a new Owner into your Palace database. You can view this in full screen and have the option to Try It (click through the tutorial), View It (a scrollable format), Watch It (watch the tutorial), or Print It (which gives you a PDF to download)... the choice is yours! Click Start


1. In Palace, open the Owner menu

Step 1 image

2. and select Add Owner

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3. Start by entering the profile information. Complete as much information as you can. As you enter this you can tab through the fields

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4. Then enter the owners contact information. 

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5. The secondary email address and alternate address is used if you want to send a copy of the owners statement to someone else other than the owner (ie, their accountant, or spouse)

Step 5 image

6. Click on the Financial Tab

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7. Under the Statement details you can select how the owner wants to receive their statement and the type of statement (this will default to what your database has been set to use)

Step 7 image

8. Leave the statement number as it is. Include Alternate Address needs to be turned to Yes if you want a second statement to generate and email to the secondary email address. Hide bank A/C number will remove the owners A/C from their statement only

Step 8 image

9. As we entered a secondary email, click Include alternate address

Step 9 image

10. Statement message allows you to type a message specific to this owner only. It will appear on their statement at the bottom of the page

Step 10 image

11. The system bank will show your rental account, you will see this appear throughout Palace.

Under Payment Setup you can select the owners payment type (Direct Credit, Cheque or Hold) and Payment Frequency

Step 11 image

12. This owner gets paid at mid month and month end, click on the frequency

Step 12 image

13. and select Half Month

Step 13 image

14. The subscription media can be set to allow staff to see the preferred communication method for this owner

Step 14 image

15. Click on the Options Tab

Step 15 image

16. The start date will default to today's date and can be updated to the start of the management authority. The end date is used if you have a fixed term management authority, or can be updated when you end this management

Step 16 image

17. Under Options, the property manager will default to the user entering this owner. You can use the dropdown to change this as needed.

The user code is used for internal use, so you can update this as you wish, or leave it blank

Step 17 image

18. Mail merge inclusion relates to any bulk owner mail outs, so if you have an owner set up more than once you can choose to exclude the additional records so the owner isn't receiving the same communication multiple times

Step 18 image

19. Split payment is for owners with multiple properties under the same ownership. If this is set to No, then the owner will receive one deposit into their account when they are paid. If this is set to Yes the owner will receive a deposit per property

Step 19 image

20. This is only if your owner is GST exempt. Do be careful as if this is turned to Yes then Palace will not charge GST on any transactions that are entered against this owner.

Step 20 image

21. Prospect is used if you are entering Owners into Palace before you obtain the management of their property(s)

Step 21 image

22. The notes area is for any static notes you may want to add about the owner. This is also used to record notes for the owner held funds report - so if you ever put an owners funds on hold, add a helpful note here as to why

Step 22 image

23. If the owner is a company or owns a commercial building then you can enter that additional information here

Step 23 image

24. Basic insurance information can be entered here, however more detailed information can be recorded against each property including the ability to save a copy of the insurance documents

Step 24 image

25. The custom fields that display in your database will depend on how you have set your custom field options. You can have up to 8 customised fields against your owners to record and report on particular information

Step 25 image

26. Now that we have entered our owner information, we can click save

Step 26 image

27. We are now prompted to add the owners bank account number, click OK to continue

Step 27 image

28. Click Create New

Step 28 image

29. You can enter the Bank name and branch if you have those details, otherwise go straight to entering the account number. You can add spaces if you need to, but don't enter any characters such as hyphens between the numbers

Step 29 image

30. and enter the account name

Step 30 image

31. You can add reference details for this owners payment if you wish, the property address might be a good start

Step 31 image

32. Click Save changes. 

Step 32 image

33. The account details have now been saved. You can add multiple A/C numbers for an owner if needed - so if they have more than one property, but want funds paid into different accounts you can enter the bank accounts and allocate them to each property

Step 33 image

34. That's it - our owner has successfully been entered

Step 34 image

Here's an interactive tutorial

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