12th Feb 2021 | New User Trade Me, Workflow Updates for Work Orders and more.

User - New Trade Me Authority: We've renamed our Existing 'Trade Me Upload' authority to be called 'Trade Me Upload (base listing only)'. With this, we have added a new authority that is called 'Trade Me Upload (Extended Features)'. This allows you to restrict who can and you cannot boost your Trade Me listings - Or of course, restrict it to Base Listings only. Click here to find out a bit more.

Transactions - Uncleared Funds vs UTC: We identified a few issues with our uncleared fund's setting clashing with our owner payments and statements. This issue would occur if statements were generated before 12 pm NZT and the payments are generated after 12 pm NZT, resulting in the payable amounts shown in the statement and the actual transaction not matching. We've managed to make the necessary changes to the affected areas and all reports and transactions will match as expected moving forward.

For more information on uncleared funds, click here

Document Workflow - Work Orders: A long time request from our workflow users, when linking an existing work order with a workflow invoice, the following areas will now be updated.

  • Invoice Amount - This field will be updated to match what is processed via Document Workflow.
  • Invoice Date - This will be updated to match the invoice date for the workflow invoice.
  • Invoice Description - This will also be updated to match the description from the workflow invoice NOTE: Any existing text will be overwritten.
  • Invoice Attachment - The attachment from the workflow invoice will also be attached to the Work Order upon being processed (If there is an existing attachment linked to the Work Order, we will ignore this step).

Transactions - Uncleared Funds vs Keep Backs: There are certain scenario's where the system does not offer the option to create a pending invoice/charge as well as adding a keep back when a property has insufficient funds due to the uncleared funds set. Previously, the system would simply return a strict audit warning instead and would not be consistent with other transaction methods/types. We've since identified the issue and can happily confirm that this has been updated and fixed to work as expected.

Work Order Global Search - Print Button: A quick and easy little add-on to our work order global search button, you can now print this page and have it in report form. Note this is very similar to our tenant summary print feature


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