How to set up SMS Templates

The process for setting up Mail and SMS templates are the same, just under different headings. When you set up a template, it is assigned to a "type", which means it is linked to an Owner, Property or Tenant.


Please Note: If you make it a Tenant SMS Type, you can still access it under an Owner or Property Diary. 

Owner: This will allow only allow you to access Owner merge fields. 

Property: This will allow you to access merge fields from Owner and Property

Tenant: This will allow you to access all merge fields from all types and will be accessible from all diaries


You can cut and paste a document from Word and add the merge fields as you go.

  • Go to System
  • Document Templates and Click on Create
  • SMS_document_Template.png
  • Choose the Document Type 
  • Name the SMS and click on Save and Close
  • Then find the template in the list (you may need to refresh)
  • Once you find the SMS document, click on the drop down arrow next to Edit and select Edit Document
  • SMS_set_up.png
  • Then type up your SMS and choose your merge fields from the merge list above
  • Save and close when finished (Remember it is a Text so don't get carried away)

Helpful Hints

  • When addressing a Tenant letter, use the merge fields from under the Tenancy section ("Tenant Group" fields). This will ensure that you pick up the details of the whole tenancy group for that property and not just the head tenant.
  • To delete a merge field, put your cursor at the end of the field (move to the right until it is no longer grey) and then click on backspace
  • To edit a letter already in the system, highlight that letter and click "edit document". Then just change the contents.
  • Make sure you have set up the margins and entered down on the page to where you want to start before putting in the "Current Date" merge field
  • To move the first merge field down to insert something above it, move the cursor to the left of the field until it is no longer grey, then press Enter.


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