Why can't I drag and drop images into either the Image Tab or the Inspection Report


Palace supports dragging and dropping of photos into inspection reports. However, there may be times when photos don't show up in the report or the browser seems to be processing but doesn't complete its processing. Here are some possible reasons why this could happen:


  • File Size: The image size is too large. If "Processing" appears for a while after you have dragged and dropped images, then this is likely the cause. You can compress images online via several websites, one, in particular, is: https://bulkresizephotos.com/en
  • Compressed File: The images are in a compressed (Zip) file. You can only drag and drop images from a regular folder into Palace
    • To uncompress a folder in Microsoft Windows, enter the parent folder where the compressed file is stored. Right-click the file, Extract All and on the pop-up Extract. Once uncompressed, the file will open and then photos can be dragged and dropped into the Images tab of the inspection
  • Quantity: Dragging and dropping too many photos at one time. Drag and drop 50 photos at a time. When the page has refreshed with the images you can repeat this step until all the photos appear in the window. Do not worry about the sequence of the photo names. When you save and close the report and go back into the Images tab the sequence will automatically arrange in naming order
  • External Device: The images are not on the computer. This happens if you access the photos from the device's storage via the charging cable and are not saved on the computer
  • Unsupported Format: The recommended image file format for Palace is JPG. Other image formats are not supported
  • Archived Property: If the property is archived. You must reinstate it first  to be able to add images


Below is an example of the Bulk Resize Website. Drag an image into the "Drag & Drop Images Here!" and click on Start.


If you want to resize multiple images you can drag them into the "Drag & Drop Images Here!" and click on "Start". The photos will resize, automatically be compressed into a ZIP file and downloaded to your computer's default downloads folder. The photos must be extracted from the ZIP file before they can be dragged and dropped into Palace.


Converting HEIC images to JPG

  • Open the FreeConvert website - https//www.freeconvert.com/heic-to-jpg
  • Select the photos from the folder on your computer and drag and drop them into the website
  • Click Convert to JPG when the files have loaded on the website
  • Depending on the number of photos it will take some time for them to convert. When they are all converted click on the Download all button

Note: If the browser has a pop-up blocker, you must allow pop-ups from this website to download the file. Enable pop-ups and then click on the Download all button again.

  • The browser will inform you that the file has been downloaded. The photos will be in a compressed folder. Uncompress the files to a regular folder. The folder may be called compressed.zip
  • If the file names end with the HEIC extension they can be renamed to remove those letters. The photos are now in JPG format.

Please see the below GIF of the above information:


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