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The Owner Portal is an area where the property owner can log in and see specific information pertaining to their property. The information and the website are completely secure.


If you have not been supplied with your Owner Portal link, please contact our support team to obtain this for you.

Please note: This portal is getting an update. We have written the specs so watch this space

Whenever there is an update in your Palace database, it gets automatically uploaded to the Owner Portal. This information is available in real-time.

Once an Owner has had their user name generated, they will receive an email asking them to set a password, then the screen will change to the login screen, enter their user name (which is their email address) and then the password they have just set.


Click on Login


This is the welcome screen, if they have more than one property, they can click on the select accounts (top left-hand corner) and select the property they want


Owner Details Tab

This holds all the Owner's contact information and bank account details. This is ideal for the Owner to check to ensure the information is correct.



At the end of every month, (or mid-month, depending on the office) a statement is produced and it will upload to this area, it can be saved or opened by clicking on the file icon



Information on the commission charged and the properties that are being managed



Every transaction that happens in a 3-month period is recorded here, including receipts, invoices and payments.



This area can contain copies of Supplier Invoices, Inspection Reports, diary notes, and any other information that the Property Manager uploads

If it is a file, it can be opened or saved by clicking on the File Icon


The video below is a brief example of what the end user (owner) sees when information has been added to the Client Portal.

What's Next

Some additional articles that touch on various areas of the Owner Portal (also referred to as the Client Portal):


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