Holiday PAL 2 Portrait Statement Type: Example


This is the new statement type for holiday clients using the Guest module - is it tailored to display guest transactions, and is the statement type that should be used.

  • When a property is set to the Management Type - PAL Holidays - The linked owner statement type will automatically update to the Holiday PAL 2 Portrait statement
  • A Holidays Owner Statement can either be generated individually via a current Owners reports menu or in bulk when processing your batch Holiday Owner payments
  • When generating an owners statement, you will be prompted to enter a from and a to date. The From date is used to calculate the opening balances displayed on the statement. An opening balance can be made up of guest receipts that were processed after they had completed their stay
    • E.g. Debbie stayed at a holiday property from 2/1/23 - 5/1/23 but had yet to pay for her stay when the statements for January were generated. When Debbie pays in February for the stay she completed in January, the system will include her funds in the opening balance. The to-date will equal the date on which you are paying your owners

In summary, all guest bookings that have passed and are fully receipted will show on the statement (dependent on the from and to dates entered) - either as a line item on the statement or included in the opening balance. If a statement displays an opening balance amount, a breakdown will be present at the bottom of the statement.

Any invoice that has been entered during the date range chosen will also show on the owner statement.


Note: There is a system setting to allow future guest information to be displayed on the statements if required (guest names and check-in/out dates)

  • Go to System > Settings
  • Tap on the Management tab
  • Under Owner > Show Future Guest Details on Statements


If you need to process a bulk statement review, to review statements before generating and sending them out, you can do so via Owner > Owner Reports > Owner - Statements (Holiday)

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