Special Characters

The use of special characters is sometimes required for different purposes.

The forward slash may be needed to:

Separate room names in an inspection. I.e., Kitchen/Dining

And used to note a date. I.e., 03/08/2022

Some special characters should not be used in general typing in Palace as they are generally used for coding and the use of these could affect how a system responds. I.e., an inspection report may not generate correctly, a document may not want to print or a property may not sync to the app as there are special characters in the property address, or owner's name or tenant's details.

Special characters are used typically by pressing and holding the Shift key on a keyboard and tapping keys. While some will capitalise the letter, others will use the symbol above the letter or number.


Some special characters to avoid using:
* (Asterisk)
+ (Plus)
< (Less than)
> (Greater than)
= (Equal sign)
[ (Left bracket)
] (Right bracket)
\ (Backslash)
^ (Caret)
` (Grave accent)
: (Colon)
{ (Left brace)
} (Right brace)
| (Vertical bar)
~ (Tilde)

Some special characters that are safe to use:

& (Ampersand)
/ (Slash)
? (Question mark)
@ (At sign)
( (Left parenthesis)
) (Right parenthesis)
- (Hyphen/Dash)

And others...

While sometimes the special characters will work and may not cause a problem it's best to avoid using them as much as possible.


The below information can be found here as part of a previous system update release notes.

Document Templates: Invalid characters in Title: When invalid characters (such as commas or & symbols) are used in a document template title - this has been known to cause issues when users merge these documents. As such, we have added validation on the document template title field. If the document template has an invalid character in the title field, and a User attempts to save it (new or existing document template), they will be advised via an error message.

NOTE: The system will allow:

  • Alphanumeric characters (letters, digits)

  • Spaces in between characters

  • Specific symbols in between characters, such as:

_ (underscore)
. (period)
- (hyphen/dash)
/ (forward slash)
\ (backslash)
() (brackets)
? (question mark)
% (percentage sign)

Reaching out to our support team:

When creating a support request please ensure you have placed as much information as possible to help the support agent to investigate your query. I.e., full contact details, contact number, company name and items regarding the issue you are experiencing. I.e., tenant/owner/supplier/property name, a copy of a report (if possible).

If you require additional assistance, click here to submit a support request or click on the pink/white Help button from within Palace.

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