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If you have an owner or tenant send in a query regarding their rent amounts, whether it's about some rent arrears, upcoming rent change or an update in their payment frequency, you can easily crunch some numbers using our Rent Calculator tool located in the top toolbar.
When you open up the calculator tool, you will immediately see two fields ''Amount ($)'' and ''Frequency''.
Simply enter a dollar amount and select which frequency is needed and Palace will take that figure and provide a further breakdown of that amount into various frequencies i.e Daily, Weekly, monthly etc.
A great tool to use if you have a tenant looking to change the frequency of their rent payments and you need to give them an exact amount of what needs to be paid.




Quite often property managers get questions from a tenant regarding the amount of rent they owe for a specific period, with the flexible dates portion of the calculator, you can add in specific dates to provide a 'total owing' amount to give to your tenants. If we have a part payment in place, then you can add this as well which will adjust the owing amount. The calculation here will match the ''owing to'' calculation used in the tenant details report.

Using the ''rent paid to'' date from our tenant details report, you can add the start date period to be the day after the paid-to-date and set the ''Period Start End'' date to match the end of the rent period in question.


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