18th November 2022 | Rent Calculator, Attachment Preview - Emails, File Storage update, Bug fixes and more...

Feature Summary

System: Rent Calculator: At long last, the long-awaited rent calculator has been released. You will find this on the top banner alongside our missed rent alert, document flow and inbox icons. 

You can now calculate rent on the fly, by entering an amount into the calculator, with the system then breaking that amount down as:

Daily Rate, Weekly Rate, Monthly Rate, Yearly Rate, Fortnightly Rate, and Four Weekly Rates.

Going one step further, we have also built in the option to enter dates from and to, and part payments.
This will allow you to quickly calculate a tenant's rent broken down to different rates as well as get an exact amount on how much is owed using a specific date range | Find out more here


Email: Preview attachments: We have added the ability for Users to preview an attachment they have added to a newly composed email. This will give users confidence in knowing that the correct file is attached before sending an email. Selecting the attachment will download the file for view and follows the normal behaviour you see in email hosts like Gmail, Outlook etc. | Find out more here


Entity Diaries: File Storage update: With usability in mind, we have made some updates to the file storage area available under all entity diaries. Users will now have the ability to search, sort and rename files in these areas. Searching can be done via the search bar available, sorting is available on each column header and renaming is available by clicking on the file name.

NOTE: As with any file type, please note that if you attempt to change the file 'type' the formatting of your file may not provide the expected result i.e changing from a .pdf to a .docx file | Find out more here


Transactions: Invoice Supplier: Original attachment option: Much like with our Document Flow, we now allow Users to have the choice to attach/or not attach the original invoice to their Tenancy Invoice when processing via single transaction - Invoice Supplier | Find out more here



What we fixed

Owner: Mail Merge Inclusion toggle: The Mail Merge inclusion toggle available on the Owner > Options tab was not functioning correctly. We have now fixed this so that when this toggle is set to Yes for a specific Owner, that Owner will be included in bulk mail merges as expected (Print & Email). When the toggle is set to No for a specific Owner, that Owner will not be included in bulk mail merges as expected (Print & Email). This is all relevant to when an Owner is selected for a mail merge within a custom view.

User Authority: Ledger/Audit/Commission: We have applied a small fix to the User Authority - Ledger/Audit/Commission. Users with this Authority set to No will no longer see the option to add/edit or delete a User from the User Commissions area on a Property (Options tab) | Find out more here

Property: Status change: Specific workflow not recorded: We identified a specific workflow (changing property status to Active and uploading the property to Trade Me - all in one step) that was causing the property status change to not be recorded in the Property > History tab. We have now fixed this, so the property status change will be recorded accurately in the Property > History tab as expected.

Transactions: Invoice Supplier: Strict audit validation - Maintenance ledger: We have made a change to the strict audit validation for the Maintenance Fee ledger.  From now on, as long as the Owner/Property has enough funds to process the Invoice Supplier transaction (inclusive of Maintenance Fees and GST), the transaction will go through successfully, regardless of the Maintenance Fee ledger balance.

Dashboard: Pending Charges/Invoices: Option to delete and remove keep back: With the delete option available on pending charges and supplier invoices on the dashboard, having the opportunity to also remove/reduce the keepback if required makes sense. As such, when a User deletes a pending charge or supplier invoice from the dashboard, they will be asked if they would also like to remove/reduce the keepback by the transaction amount - if a keepback is present on the related property.

Reports: Change Log: Record Property Status change: The main and individual property change logs will now display entries for property status change (Active to Inactive, Inactive to Active), along with the Date/Time/Reason/Comments and User information.

Email: Owners: No recipient in the secondary email field: Previously, the system had allowed Users to set the 'Include alternative address' toggle to Yes on an Owner record (Financial tab), when no Secondary email address was supplied (Owner statement media set to Email/Email & Paper). As a result of this, when Owner Statements were emailed out, the system would look for the secondary email address, and when it couldn't find it, multiple retries would occur, meaning duplicate diary entries and emails were being created. The system will now handle these cases gracefully, and will simply try to send the email - if it fails, a change log entry will be created and it will move on to the next statement. The second part of this fix is we will now prevent Users from setting the 'Include alternative address' toggle to Yes on an Owner record (Financial tab) when no Secondary email address is supplied (Owner statement media set to Email/Email & Paper) | Find out more here

Email: Work Order template: Tenant Group Name field: When the merge field 'Tenant Group Name' was used in a Work Order email template, the field was not producing any information when the email was sent from the work order area. We have now fixed this so the relevant Tenant Group Name will be displayed as expected.

NOTE: The 'Tenant Group Name' merge field - if used currently in the Work Order email template, will need to be removed and re-added to have this fix come into play.

Supplier: Mail Merge Inclusion toggle: The Mail Merge inclusion toggle available on the Supplier > Options tab was not functioning correctly. We have now fixed this so that when this toggle is set to Yes for a specific Supplier, that Supplier will be included in bulk mail merges as expected (Print & Email). When the toggle is set to No for a specific Supplier, that Supplier will not be included in bulk mail merges as expected (Print & Email). This is all relevant to when a Supplier is selected for a mail merge within a custom view.

Entity Diaries: Notes: Character Limit: A quick tidy-up task to ensure the character counters available within all entity diaries - Notes fields - are behaving as expected.

Document Templates: Invalid characters in Title: When invalid characters (such as commas or & symbols) are used in a document template title - this has been known to cause issues when users merge these documents. As such, we have added validation on the document template title field. If the document template has an invalid character in the title field, and a User attempts to save it (new or existing document template), they will be advised of this via an error message.

NOTE: The system will allow:

  • Alphanumeric characters (letters, digits)

  • Spaces in between characters

  • Specific symbols in between characters, such as _ (underscore), . (period), - (hyphen/dash), / (forward slash), \ (backward slash), () (brackets), ? (question mark), and % (percentage sign)

Merge Field: Property Key Number: We have fixed up the 'Property Key Number' merge field as this was not working correctly. From now on, you can expect to use this field successfully in custom views and document templates. A breakdown of how the property key number information will pull through is below:

  • If no keys are attached to the property - then the merge field will display blank

  • 1 or more keys attached to the property - ALL keys are checked in - then the merge field will display '(CONFIDENTIAL)'

  • Multiple keys attached to a property - a few keys checked in and others checked out OR all keys checked out - in both cases, the merge field will display details related to the checked-out keys ONLY with their related categories

Reports: Bonds Held: Formatting: We have fixed up columns in this report, to ensure there is no longer overlapping of information.

Property: Insurance: Expiry date reminders: Currently, when a User enters an expiry date for insurance - either primary or secondary (Property > Options tab), a reminder will be generated for the expiry date and displayed on the dashboard. We have updated the reminder period for the expiry to display on the dashboard 2 weeks prior to expiration (currently displays on the date of expiration), to give Users the time to follow up on required parties as needed  | Find out more here

System: User: Archive workflow: Following on from our update sent out in our latest newsletter, we have made a few changes to the procedures that happen in the background when a User is archived in a specific database. From now on, when a user is archived from a database, they will no longer have access to this database - a single database user or multiple database users included. As a follow-up to this task, we have also allowed database Admin Users to easily update the primary email address for an existing user, and trigger for a new password to be created | Find out more here

Supplier: Archiving Criteria: A tidy-up task related to our last release, where Users were receiving an error if a Supplier had any work orders attached to them on an archive attempt. The criteria for archiving a Supplier will be looking for a $0.00 balance but will also be looking for any unprocessed pending invoices or open/current work orders as well. If any of these criteria are not met, you will be advised of this when attempting to archive a supplier.

Maintenance Plus: Latest release notes: Check out the latest release notes for Maintenance Plus here.

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