How to invoice an owner


Palace caters to the scenario where an Owner may need to receive an Invoice from your Company for whichever reason. The available settings and the workflows are outlined below.

Owner Settings

The settings available on an Owner are to set the default values for the Owner Invoice toggles on transaction processing. Please note, you can choose not to set these and simply override the relevant toggles on transaction processing when an Owner Invoice is required.

  • Navigate to an Owner record
  • Select the Financial Tab
  • Navigate to the Invoice Media field
  • Set the media type required, Save & Close

Owner Invoice Media.PNG

Generating an Invoice

When entering any of these transaction types "Charge Admin," "Inspection," "Letting Fees," or "Invoice Supplier" you will see toggles labelled "Download Invoice" and "Email Invoice" on the transaction creation screen. The values displayed for these toggles will default based on the Invoice Media field setting on an Owner record (Financial tab).

Owner Invoice toggles.PNG

  • Setting the "Download Invoice" option to Yes, the system will create an Owner invoice for a specific transaction and download a PDF copy.
  • Setting the "Email Invoice" option to Yes, the system will create an Owner invoice for a specific transaction and email a PDF copy to the relevant Owner (utilizing the Owner's primary email address).
  • If an invoice is triggered, whether it is downloaded or emailed, there will be a record stored in the property diary (2 if emailed - 1 for the file itself as an external file and another for the email entry).
  • The PDF invoice will include the following information:
    • GST number (pulled from System Settings)
    • Company name (pulled from the registered name for the database)
    • Invoice number (optional field for user entry, pulled from Ref No. field)
    • Owner Name (pulled from Owner Full name)
    • Owner address (pulled from Postal address)
    • Property address (Property Address Full)
    • Agent details (Name, Position, Office & Email)


Note: Generating an Owner Invoice via a Work Order or the Document Flow (Invoice Supplier transactions) will display a Yes/No option only. Set to Yes, an Owner Invoice will be generated and sent out in line with the Owners Invoice Media setting.

Document Flow:

Doc flow.png

Work Order:

Work order.png

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