Integrating Maintenance Plus (M+) with Palace

To start using the integration with Maintenance Plus you need to do the below setup, in order to connect the 2 platforms.

In Palace:

  • Go to System, Settings
  • Click on the Integrations Tab
  • Click on Activate M+ (Maintenance Plus)
  • A black pop-up box will show and display the following, select Confirm if you are sure.
  • The setup then happens in the background, this will take a few moments.
  • Save and close and go back to the Dashboard. At the top right-hand side of Palace, you will see a new icon.
  • Click on the icon and a new window will appear with Maintenance Plus showing inside of Palace.

In Maintenance Plus:

  • Upon the first login to Maintenance Plus, you will be prompted to enter credit card details, to allow for billing of your subscription.
  • Once the credit card details have been entered, the Support Team at Bricks and Agent will receive the activation notice and validate your request. Once they have validated the payment details, they will activate Maintenance Plus.
    NOTE: you won't be able to access Maintenance Plus until you receive confirmation from the B&A team.
  • When your request has been validated and activated, you will need to navigate to Integration and Imports from the Settings menu in Maintenance Plus. Select the entities you wish to be synced across from your Palace portfolio i.e Owner, Property, Tenant and Suppliers.
    NOTE: The initial sync can take up to an hour to complete. You can check the status of the data sync via the Communications Dashboard.
  • When the sync has been completed, you can navigate around as you normally would within Maintenance Plus.
  • Once you have approved an Invoice in Maintenance Plus, it will feed through into our Document Flow area and then you process the invoice from there. Please see this help file for instructions on that process: Document Workflow - Processing the Invoice (Includes Matching)

Please note: Any questions about using Maintenance Plus are handled by the Bricks and Agent support team - - and not the Palace support team.

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