Update 6.26 12th Dec 2017

Update 6.26 – Palace Live



Statement – Large portfolio was cutting off the bottom of a Global message

Charge Admin Fee: Was adding Property Address and transaction type in comments

Email: merging a template into the body of the email now does so without the error

Email: When replying to an email it was putting the cursor at the bottom of the email and it puts it at the top.

Transactions: Receipt Tenant Multiple and Payment Expense now give you a warning if doing those transactions after the month end date.

Property Transfer: Tenant match code is now removed from the old tenant

Custom Views: The advanced filter for Post Codes merge field has now been fixed



Document Checklists: Now shows a follow up date field in Reminders so you can set when you want the checklist to show in your reminders




Reports: Portfolio Summary – You can now view the Portfolio Summary Report under View (Top tool bar) if you have authority under Special Reports



System Financial Back up and Restore: This is to make month end a bit faster, there was a slowness issue caused by Back ups being done at month end. We have changed this to only do financial back ups at month end rather than the whole system.

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