Palace Live: Duplicating a document template and changing type

Under the document template area, you can duplicate a document however you cannot change the type. I.e if you have an Owner Letter you want to duplicate and change to a tenant letter, you cannot do it.


But there is a work around, follow these instructions


There is actually an easier way for the users to do this by using the Export and Import options.
They can perform an export of all their templates to a folder.  When it is exported, it gets exported with the name AND TYPE.  They just need to rename the file [Type] section in the square brackets and import back into the same system.
I exported my templates to a folder below...
Inline images 1
So if I renamed the 'Property Health & Safety Details[Tenant].dat' to 'Property Health & Safety Details[Property].dat' and imported it back into the same system I would have my duplicate.
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