Release Notes October 6th 2017

Update Release Notes


New Feature

  • New Report: Tenancy Reports – Rent Review
  • Online Banking: You can now match to an Owner
  • Trade Me API now has an inclusion for Smoke Alarm



  • Supplier Invoice: Instead of hanging if a tenant has not been selected, it will now cause an exception error
  • Duplicate Key: If you try and enter a key against a property that already has one, you will now get this pop up 'This key number already exists against a property (<Property Address).  It cannot be entered twice.'
  • Flat Fee for Maintenance Fee against Creditor, now will auto feed into the Invoice Supplier (Note: This doesn’t yet feed through to an invoice that came from a works order)
  • Ability to change bulk inspection dates: The function under the cog in the Inspection tab to change multiple dates now works
  • Trade me upload was erroring if only one photo was uploaded, this has now been fixed and you can send up one photo but if you don’t have any photos you will get the following error
    At least 1 image is required before a 'Property' can be advertised on 'Trade Me'. 
  • Report: Average Weekly Rent Report is now working
  • Reports: Date format has been fixed
  • Archive SMS in the message system now works
  • History: Commercial Receipts can now generate a receipt from History
  • Tenancy Invoice and Receipt: Now updates to Partially paid and fully paid in the same place.
  • Transactions: Rapid Entry on Receipt Rent was not changing the rent amount to the new tenant name. This is now fixed
  • Inspection Photos can now be renamed or deleted
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