Version 6.25

Release notes for 6.25

Document Scanning Solutions: New checkbox for Charge Tenancy only. This is for when you do not want to charge the owner for an invoice.

Reports:                  Tenancy Details Report now has tick option to show outstanding invoices, if you
                                want outstanding invoices only you can select Outstanding Invoices and
                                no transactions

                                Owner Generated Pay Details & Summary – You can now sort by Agent

                                Rent Arrears History – Now groups by agent and shows more catagories (Although
                                the graph is not working)

                                Property Inspections Completed: Now shows a last Emailed and Last Printed column

                                Owner Statements: Now show comments for any reversals

                                Property Key Report – Now shows Primary Agent from Property not Owner

If you want to exclude a pending invoice from auto keeping back, under priorities, you can now select No Keepback (This is only for those who have this option ticked in File system setup)

Tenant Group Latest Rent Increase Amount Merge field now works correctly

Property Transfer: This is now up and running and all the management fee issues have been sorted. A Help file will be updated with this information.

Auto Keen Back Pending Invoice: Now does not overdraw the Owner/Property

Archive Agent: Do not allow Agents to be archived if they have keys checked out.


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