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Update Notes for 6.24


Ledger Fee Details Report: Now has option for Management Type filter

Ledger Fee Summary Report: Now has option for Management Type Filter, also Agent Name and No of Managements are now two separate columns

Property Fees Report: In the subtotal of each management type, it will now show the average management fee and average maintenance fee

Tenant Lease End Date Report: Has been changed to landscape and now shows the Owner Name, Current Rent and Last Increased Date

Statistics: Property Won/Property Lost Report: Now has option to not group by Reason, also new columns, showing Rent Amount, Management Fee and amount of revenue lost or Won.

Tenant Movement Report: Change to landscape, now shows rent owing, Bond owing and Let Fee owing columns so that you can easily see if a tenant has paid all their move in costs or owe anything when moving out.

Change Log Report: We now have a text field to search by. You can type anything and the report will search by it

New Merge/custom view field: Property User Code/ Property Code has been added

New auto setting for Keep Backs

Under File System Setting, Management Options



Auto Keep Back “Overpaid” Rent: If this is ticked then Palace will check for overpaid rent and keep it back from the owner automatically. This saves it being entered into the Property Edit screen and it also means it will never be used to pay invoices, so you will always have the money.

Note: Please print a Keep back report and go to each property with a keep back on overpaid rent and remove the keep back before you tick the setting on otherwise you will double up the keep backs

Auto Keep Back “Pending Invoices”: Instead of the pop up question telling you there is insufficient funds and do you want to keep back the money, this will now happen automatically so that the whole process is quicker. So far the setting works under any of the document scanning solutions, Maintenance Manager, Macquarie etc. It also works if you create a pending invoice under the Creditor Diary.


Bug fixes

API Document Scanning: If you changed the expense type on a creditor invoice it was changing it permanently in Palace. This has now been fixed.

Diary (Inspections) When sending an email with images, it was not picking up the checkbox for images the first time  - Fixed

Owner Statement B Details was cutting of the total  – Fixed

Property: Add new: Active status was allowing to save without a reason –  Fixed

Tenancy List Debtors: Global search was not working – Fixed

Ledger Fee Details Report – Lease break column was still including GST – Fixed

Email: Received email was showing sent date rather than received date – Fixed

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