Version 6.23

You should now be able to upload Bank files to the St Georges bank 
If you have strict audit set to 'on' you will no longer get the option to put an invoice to pending it will create the pending invoice 
You will only be able to present transactions within the current month to the current date nothing in the future 
Tenancy status is now available as a quick view from the tenant details tab 
The automatic keep back for 'overpaid rent' will no longer be able to be reduced to pay invoices, the only way to clear an overpaid rental keep back will be to do a refund rent to the tenant.
The ledger fees details report now has a column for the 'agent type' 
If a Monthly tenant has a rent change in the month before they vacate as long as they have a vacate date in the system this will now be calculated in the final rental payment figure. 
AP details will no longer update if there is no rental amount in the tenant details area. 
Direct debit reversals will allow you to put comments on the transaction which will now appear on the owner statement. 
You can now remove images in bulk from the Image tab, just select multiple and click delete.
If you are doing a single creditor invoice, you will now get a warning if you duplicate the transaction. This warning should appear for scanning invoices with a bar code scanner as well. 
The Tenancy list now has an 'other amounts' due column 
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