Version 6.221

Receipt tenant (multiple) - the cheque area is now editable 
You can no longer add 2 agents with the same username 
On a property charge under the diary, the ledger account will now default to (blank) and a ledger will need to be selected to add the charge. 
Under the history tab if a charge tenant debit has been applied to an account (owner or Fee Ledger) this will show in the comments section in transaction history.
The agent transaction report has now been changed to landscape and includes a property address column. 
There is a new exception for document flow which will flag an invoice if it is in credit.
The Health and safety tab as a new status option for insulation - 'unsure' 
Bpay can now be used with St George Bank for Australia 
You can now do a charge tenant debit to a fee ledger and take money from a bond ledger to pay it.
If you have multiple receipts you can now receipt to different accounts eg owner, fee ledger or bond ledger all in the same transaction. 
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