Release Notes 20/7/2017

The descriptions on single transactions for receipt and payment ledger have been updated to include the ledger they relate to
When regenerating a copy of a receipt or remittance from the transaction history tab the download will have the file name 'transaction' and then the transaction number. 
The default tenant invoice message from the system set up will now show on tenant invoices. 


If you refund a tenancy invoice it will now default the amount due into the amount box. 
You can select if you would like to email the remittance to the supplier from a single payment creditor,
just in case you are fixing something up and don't want to send anything out. 




Assigning money from a tenant ledger to an owner using receipt tenancy invoice will no longer cause the reconciliation to be out of balance. 
You can 'uncheck' tenancies from the 'payment bond' transaction area and it will adjust the total balance being paid out. 


You can now put the vacate date before the tenancy start date so the tenant does accumulate any rent if they haven't moved in. 
On a supplier invoice, the ability to invoice the tenancy has been relocated to the bottom of the form. 



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