Latest release notes 11/7/2017

Release notes for Liquid 
At Month End if you have already done the owner statement collate once, you will now get a message asking if you would like to re-run. 
If you are running strict audit you can now create pending invoices if there isn't enough money to pay the invoice. 
You can now delete a document template. If you click the edit arrow on a template you get the option to edit or delete. 
You can now get an inspection report for selected properties from property inspections - select your properties then go to the - Settings icon - Reports 
Tenant invoices will now show the tenant invoice first and then the original invoice copy.
The Custom views Filter ' Property Manager' now defaults to 'None'.
You can now take money from the bond ledgers for tenancy invoices.
Property and tenancy custom fields are now available in custom views. 
Rent review reminders have been changed to display from 'all users' to only users with 'message authority' to see those reminders - this can be set under users - permissions. 
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