Latest Release Notes 29/6/17

Bug Fixes

  • Transactions – Invoice Tenancy – If you are assigning the money to an invoice, you can only select “Apply to Owner or Ledger Fee” If no invoice then you can still select a bond ledger.
  • Tenancy: You now cannot enter a Vacate Date if a rent increase exists after that date and vise versa
  • User Authorities: Administrator (Toggle between Yes/No for Administrator authority now saves)
  • Diary: Supplier name is now displayed on a Property Invoice in the diary list
  • Custom Views: The merge field “ Owing to End Date” now shows a value when the tenancy has an End Date.

New Features

  • Ledger – Balancing Totals. The ledgers now show balancing totals for Opening and Current balances
  • Agent List: Now shows the count and the balance at the bottom of the list
  • Tenancy: When adding a new tenancy you now receive the following prompts

Removing the Available Date from the property means that it will be removed from the Advertising Websites (If you use upload)

The inspection will be set up using the default frequency.









Rent Increase and Rent Review – Design Change – Important Notes

On the Tenant Edit screen is a new area for adding a Rent Review (Previously we suggested that you set up a rent review under the tenant diary but now you can do it on the tenant screen)

  Enter in the date you want to next review the property.

Enter in a comment.

On the date the Review is due, it will pop up in your reminder tab on the dashboard.





When you see the reminder pop up, select it









Then click on the green arrow at the top of the screen. You will get the following pop up box

Fill in the details




If, after reviewing the rent you decide to do a rent increase, then click yes next to the sentence “Would you like to implement a “Rent Change” for this Tenancy?



Then fill in the date and the new rent change.

Set your next Rent Review if you know when you want to do it and then click Process.

The rent change will be added to the rent increase area on the Tenant Edit Screen.


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