If you are using the settings 'midday to midday' the extra adjustment setting will now appear on the 'summary of rent' report 
The Ability to include 'Statement Details' on Tenancy Invoices and Include 'Ledger Balances' on Tenancy Invoices have now been added to the System Defaults area. 
The Changelog will show when a vacate date as been added to a tenancy 
The system setting 'show paid from/'paid to' on receipts' is now working, if ticked it will show the tenants paid to dates on the rent receipt 
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If you are working on inspections in the Import area of the property inspection list and click on save and close it will take you back to the import list instead of the export list  
If you enter month end it will now lock all other users out of doing any transactions until you have finished
The Property Available (Grid) report and  Property Available (Details) report will now show the agents name 
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