Version 6.216

 Palacelive update notes for 6.216
We have made changes to the portfolio Summary report to be able to group by 'property Primary 1' if system is set to property agent 
Receipt tenant multiple now has a notes tab with tenant paid to details and amount they owe under the agent tab on the transaction.
The email log will now show the owners/tenants/creditors name above the email to make it easier to track who it relates to
Email failed message has been changed to just show the issue eg 'Message failed bad email address' 
You can no longer hide an invoice/reversal if one of the invoices is paid but the other isn't 
You will now get a warning if you try to close Palace with the transaction screen open just in case there are still items to process. 
You can no longer archive a tenant if they have money in a bond ledger 
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