Version 6.22

Portfolio Summary Report  - Settings for the report have been changed to snapshot for more accurate reporting
There now is a priority column on the invoices tab for dashboard charges to make it easier for processing. 
New Custom View/Merge Fields -Tenant Group Last Payment Amount
The Statistics Won Report has been updated for management type changes - if you change the management type on the property it will now show on the won report as the date it was changed and not the property start date. 
When doing a re-post - you will now get a prompt for the reason you are re-posting 
We now have the ability to manage owners with multiple properties under different property agents instead of the Primary agent, you have to turn this feature on under file- system setup - primary agent by- owner (current setting) or property.
Once you have changed the system set up you will need to assign the agents under the property edit tab according to the role. We will be having a webinar on how this works shortly 
In import banking when you select the tenant it will now show the tenant's 'current rental rate' on the details tab 
You can now receipt money from a tenant's bond ledger to pay a tenant invoice which is going to the company via a fee ledger through the assigning other amounts screen previously taking money from a bond ledger would always go to the owner's account. This still isn't an option through charge tenant debit under transactions. 
The 'Held in Trust' Report has been updated to include the following 
  • A warning notifying if the sub-account amounts (on the left side of the report) are not matching the ledger accounts totals (on the right side of the report) 
  • It will also give a tenant breakdown of the bond ledgers 
  • It will show internal palace codes for auditors to clearly identify who has the balance
Document scanned invoices will now be defaulted to the 'primary 1 agent' settings if your system has been switched to property mode.
Tenancy alerts will now pop up on processing through import bank statement 
There is now a setting to 'turn off' the option to 'update the next rent review date and amount' from the dashboard area if processing system rent review reminders. The settings can be changed from system set up - company management options - untick  'Allow Planned rent change update on reminder process' to turn it off. 
The following changes have been made to document scanning to improve speed and navigation 
  • Added the ability to double-click to edit invoices from approval / DSS inbox
  • Added the ability to view the PDF within the 'Edit Invoice' screen from approval / DSS inbox
  • Added the ability to 'Close & Approve' in one button
You can now add anyone from your database to an email by clicking the 'contacts' list 
The document Scanning inbox now has color coding for invoices with exceptions and invoice which have been approved by the agent 
You can now send hyperlinks in emails 
You can now get a Tenancy status report if you click tenancy reports from a tenancy 
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