Version 6.21

Bug fixes 
Tenancy invoices can no longer be assigned to refund tenant receipt transactions 
The statistics combined fees report was not grouping by agent if 'include ledger receipts' was ticked its now fixed 
Year-end statements no longer show expense codes if the invoice has been reversed
Email replies will not longer drop the banner (letterhead)
You can now forward outgoing emails from the Palace inbox without it clearing previous email content
  • The columns in document flow are now sort able 
  • New Report: Archive Report for owners, properties, and tenants under each report list 
  • New Tenant Fields: Commencement Date and Termination Date now on a tenant edit screen 
  • (The new tenant fields mirror the ones in Rest. Commencement date is there so we can put in the original start date of the tenancy on conversion clients. The termination date is if they have a tenancy tribunal order ending the tenancy.) (Termination is for any tenant sent to court and the court rules against and the tenant's tenancy is terminated)
  • New Change Log entry- Planned rent change (Date / Amount / Period) now all save to the change log 
  • New Custom views Fields- year built, land size and floor area 
  • Direct debits have now been separated from direct payments on the audit receipt report 
  • If you reverse a creditor payment it will automatically zero the original and the reversal and show on the transaction report, you no longer need to manually push through the two transactions 
  • Strict audit will now allow transaction to take the balance to zero
  • The ledger fee details report now has 3 new fields for agent types 
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