Sprint 23

Tenant Invoice - If you partially paid a tenant invoice, it marked it as fully paid and then you did not have an invoice to receipt against - this has been sorted
Property Charges - These were not populating through on the Charges tab on the dashboard - Sorted
Attaching to an Email: You could attach multiple files but only from one location, you can now attach from any location you like and close out and do another location. You can also view the PDF attachments and delete those you don't want
Document Templates under settings - if you edited a tenancy letter it changed its type to Owner, this has been sorted
Back Buttons: These should all work now
Diary: You can now email directly from the diary on a right click for Owner Statements, External Files and Creditor and Tenant Invoices
Receipt Tenant Invoice: Now shows other amounts due in the total and not rent arrears
Diary: Email, if you went and edited a sent email, it dropped the attachments and reverted to Draft. This has now been sorted
​Transaction: Tenant Refunds due is now showing the amount due in the transaction screen
Tenants paying past vacate date. the auto keep back is now working and when you do the tenant refund transaction is now removes the keep back
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