REST (With XML) - Advertising Properties

How to use the Palace API Web Service (REST)

Palace offers the ability to perform various functions through a secure API Web Service (SOAP).  Major features of this service include...

  • Available Properties List (Sync)
  • Available Property List Images (Per Property)

As well has support functions for optional extra services such as...

  • Previous Available Property (Lease / Withdrawn)

The following will provide in depth details about the operations provided by the service and how to use them to integrate successfully with any third party software.

Rest Service Endpoint
(Basic Authentication)

Available Properties

GET - New Zealand
(No Paramters)

GET - Australia
(No Paramters)

Returns a list of 'AvailableProperty' entities described in the 'AvailableProperty' data contract (No Input Parameters).

AvailableProperty Data Contract (NOTE: Use the 'PropertyChangeCode' field to identify properties that have changed since the last sync)

  • PropertyCode - STRING (Internal unique code generated by Palace. Used to identify a Property within Palace to the corresponding database entry.)  This code MUST be used to access the 'REST - AvailablePropertyImages', 'REST - PreviousAvailableProperty' AND  'WCF - GetAvailablePropertyImages', 'WCF - GetPreviousAvailableProperty'
  • PropertyCodeGlobal - STRING (Global unique code generated by Palace. Used to identify a Property within Palace to the corresponding database entry and allow for a sync against multiple Palace databases.)
  • PropertySortCode - STRING (Usually set as the 'Street Address' of the property.  Used to allow a sorting order for 'Available Properties')
  • AgentFullName - STRING (Agent Full Name. Can be used to identify an Agent to a user.)
  • PropertyUnit - STRING (Unit Portion of Address.  Empty if Not Applicable)
  • PropertyAddress1 - STRING (No. of Property Address)
  • PropertyAddress2 - STRING (Property Street Address Name)
  • PropertyAddress3 - STRING (Property Suburb - Free Form)
  • PropertyAddress3 - STRING (District / State)
  • PropertyStatus - STRING (Active / Inactive)
  • PropertyDateAvailable - STRING (Date Available)
  • PropertyRentAmount - DOUBLE (Rent Amount)
  • PropertyRentalPeriod - STRING (... per Rent Period)
  • PropertyGrid - STRING (Property Grid)
  • PropertyName- STRING (Property Name)
  • PropertyChangeCode - STRING ('Property Change Code' used to identify a 'Changed' Property)
  • PropertyOwnerCode - STRING ('Owner Code' related to 'Property')
  • PropertyManagementType - STRING (Property Management Type - Limited List)
  • PropertySuburb
    • AvailablePropertySuburbs (Array)
      • PropertySuburbCode - STRING (Property Suburb Code)
      • PropertySuburbName - STRING (Property Suburb Name)
      • PropertySuburbDistrictOrPostcode - STRING (Property District or Post Code)
      • PropertySuburbRegionOrState - STRING (Region or State)
      • PropertySuburbType - STRING (Region or State)
  • PropertyFeatures 
    • PropertyGeographicLocation - STRING (Lat. / Long.)
    • PropertyAdvertText - STRING (Advert Text)
    • PropertyAmenities - STRING (Amenities)
    • PropertyBathroomsNo - STRING (Bathrooms No.)
    • PropertyBedroomsNo - STRING (Bedrooms No.)
    • PropertyCarsNo - STRING (Cars No.)
    • PropertyClass - STRING (Class Type e.g. Apartment, house etc...)
    • PropertyEnsuitesNo - STRING (Ensuites No.)
    • PropertyFeatureDetails - STRING (Property Feature Details)
    • PropertyFloorArea - STRING (Property Floor Area)
    • PropertyFurnishings - STRING (Property Furnishings)
    • PropertyHeader - STRING (Property Header)
    • PropertyLandAreaHectares - STRING (Property Land Area)
    • PropertyLandAreaMSquared - STRING (Property Land Area)
    • PropertyNewConstruction - STRING (New Construction)
    • PropertyParking - STRING (Parking)
    • PropertyPetsAllowed - STRING (Pets Allowed)
    • PropertyPostCode - STRING (Post Code)
    • PropertyPublishAddress - STRING (Publish Address)
    • PropertyPublishEntry - STRING (Publish Entry)
    • PropertySmokersAllowed - STRING (Smokers Allowed)
    • PropertyStories - STRING (Property Stories (No.))
    • PropertyVirtualTourURL - STRING (Virtual Tour / Video URL)
    • PropertyWebLinkURL - STRING (Web Link URL)
    • PropertyYearBuilt - STRING (Year Built)
  • PropertyAgent 
    • PropertyAgentCode - STRING (Property Agent Code)
    • PropertyAgentTitle - STRING (Property Agent Title)
    • PropertyAgentFullName - STRING (Property Agent Full Name)
    • PropertyAgentPhoneMobile - STRING (Property Agent Mobile Phone)
    • PropertyAgentPhoneWork - STRING (Property Agent Phone - Work)
    • PropertyAgentFax - STRING (Property Agent Fax)
    • PropertyAgentEmail1 - STRING (Property Email 1)
    • PropertyAgentEmail2 - STRING (Property Email 2)
    • PropertyExternalCodes - STRING (External Codes)
  • PropertyCustomList
    • AvailablePropertyCustom (Array)
      • PropertyCustomName - STRING (Custom Name)
      • PropertyCustomValue - STRING (Custom Value)


Available Property Images

GET - New Zealand{PropertyCode}

(Paramter: PropertyCode)


GET - Australia{PropertyCode}
(Paramter: PropertyCode)


Returns an list of 'AvailablePropertyImages' entities per property described in the 'AvailablePropertyImages' data contract (Requires the 'PropertyCode' as in 'Input' Parameter). 

AvailablePropertyImages Data Contract (Returns entity list of 'AvailablePropertyImages'. A 'Property Code' must be passed in to retrieve the results)

  • PropertyImageCode - STRING (Property Image Code.)
  • PropertyImageCodeGlobal - STRING (Global unique code generated by Palace. Used to identify a Property within Palace to the corresponding database entry and allow for a sync against multiple Palace databases.)
  • PropertyImageDescription - STRING (Property Image Description)
  • PropertyImageBase64 - STRING (Property Image Base64 Encoded String)


Previous Available Property

GET - New Zealand{PropertyCode}

(Paramter: PropertyCode)


GET - Austalia{PropertyCode}

(Paramter: PropertyCode)

Returns a 'PreviousAvailableProperty' entity per property described in the 'PreviousAvailableProperty' data contract (Requires the 'PropertyCode' as in 'Input' Parameter). This is used to obtain a reason as to why a 'Previously Available Property' is no longer 'Available' (e.g. withdrawn or leased).

PreviousAvailableProperty Data Contract (Returns a 'PreviousAvailableProperty' entity. A 'Property Code' must be passed in to retrieve the results.  This operation can be used to retrieve information about a 'Property' that is no longer available in regards to whether it was leased or withdrawn)

  • PropertyDateAvailableRemoved - STRING (Date Available Removed)
  • PropertyDateAvailableRemovedReason - STRING (Property Reason / Comments Removed)
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