Version 6.19

NEW REPORT: Tenant Report: Diary Rent Review Report – This report will allow a few sort options so you can print a list of any tenants that have not got a rent review reminder set up in the diary. OR you can print a list of all the tenants with reminders, when the last review was, the last rent change and what it changed to.
Report: Fees Projection by Owner with Active/Inactive filters. Show weekly commission amount.
Report: Smoke Alarm Expiry – Under Property Reports
Report: Tenancy Amount Owing Tracked has agent totals field for each agent
Report: Property Transaction Report now has option to show rent only
Unpresented Report: Now has option to print in transaction number order by all the transactions and does not separate receipts and payments
Change Log: Is now showing the transaction “paid by number” if it has been cleared
Change Log: Now shows Trade Me upload failure if account is disabled
Change Log: Now shows any changes in the Tenant Payment area where you have changed a tenant from one payment type to another

Custom Views and Merge Fields
New Merge Fields: The manual Review button in Property is now a merge field for custom views under Property.
Debtor Field is now a merge field in Custom Views
Creditor: Now has an area for Custom Fields

FIX: Creditor Invoice Payments: The reversals and the positive payment are now picking up in the creditor Payment: Please Note: If you hide the transaction prior to finishing the creditor payment to remove the negative, then it won’t show in the list and it will be in correct.
FIX: If an invoice has been attached to a creditor transaction and then you reversed the creditor transaction, the invoice will not go out with the owner statement now
FIX: Owner Statement type SUMMARY: Was doubling up on the GST of inspection charges, this has now been fixed
FIX: Receipt Tenant Other now allows you to receipt to a bond ledger and select an invoice
FIX: Days overdue was showing a day for tenants with vacate date on the tenancy details report
FIX Tenant Invoice – Ledger Balance printed at the bottom of the remittance did not include any previous property receipts but does now
FIX: It does not update Property Rent When Tenant Group Rent Changes under the rent receipt processing

Update: Import Inspection now has the following
Display 'Import Date'
Sort the List By Import Date
Allow Column sorting
Display logged in agent's 'Mobile Device Account Username'
Clear more than one inspection at the same time
Inspection Template: You can now enter and save a status which uses some of the same wording as another status.

Receipt Tenant Multiple now allows for the ability to assign an Invoice plus the ability to do the same transaction as Receipt Tenant Other
Transaction History: you can now edit a ref number ONLY if empty
Transaction History – Now has option to search by Chq no

Add: Tenancy Edit screen now has a new field called Planned Rent Change period, so when you are doing a rent change you put in the amount and then the period it is for i.e $500 Fortnight
Tenant Edit Screen: The tenant payment details area now picks up the default period from the tenant edit screen.
Diary: New filter for Diary Group – so you can now sort your diary by a diary group i.e Rent Arrears
Home Screen: Under Charges Tab – you can now sort by Diary group, so you can sort by Inspections so they all show in a row.
Document Scanning Solution: the Agent field is now editable




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