Sprint 17

  • Property Inspections ability to filter by agent 
  • Transactions – Invoice Supplier you can now select a second tenancy for the tenancy invoice 
  • Dashboard invoices and charges an issue with the processing has now been fixed 
  • Mail Merge field (Tenant Group Owing Till Today) now display an amount 
  • Some label changes on Receipt tenant multiple 
  • Work to Custom views to improve saving, editing and loading 
  • Custom views run date feature on multiple databases 
  • Custom views – now has a date set filter 
  • Transactions – Agent payment (warning appearing regardless of agent balance) 
  • Email invoice selection toggle now works on invoice tenancy transactions 
  • Document template printing/ loading issue with linked images – corrected 
  • Document template printing/ loading issue with linked images – corrected 
  • Online banking statement change to save match before processing 
  • Added the ability to add attachments to Invoice Supplier & Invoice Tenancy 
  • Receipt Tenancy Invoice with Commission will now process 
  • Payment supplier will process correct amounts 
  • transaction type changed for dashboard charges from admin to inspection fee 
  • Tenant group rent owing mail field now works 
  • time value removed from mail merge fields 
  • you can now attach a document to a works order 
  • Daily summary report now shows correct opening balance 
  • loading times improved for images 
  • month end owner statements now takes you to generate statements 
  • you can now reinstate properties 
  • You can now drag & drop into inspections 
  • You can edit// add a diary group 
  • Portal toggle added to diary area 
  • REINZ - Rename to Trust Reconciliation
  • historical reports added after end of month 
  • Unmatched report added 
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