Sprint 20

  • Import Bank file - Tenant match payment details are now editable and save all changes
  • Invoice Document - mapping issues resolved 
  • Bank Import: you can now exclude a footer row when setting up template
  • Month End: Owner Statements will now show an individual Statement Message and allow for the removal of messages 
  • Month End: Owner Statement Run now has a progress bar 
  • Diary: Enabled file uploads for type Invoice & Tenancy Charge
  • Document Merge: Merge Field -'Tenant Group Net Rent Owing' now works 
  • Transactions (Online Banking): Generate Ledger Payments file will contain 'Ledger
  • Description' in Particular 
  • Bank Import - Tenant Match ability to add comments added 
  • Property - Duplicate Property function reviewed 
  • Recon Daily Summary Report - now accounts for Payment Expenses and stays in balance 
  • Owner Report - Year End statements (single) added 
  • Email / SMS Inbox: Save SMS now saves changes 
  • Reports: Property (Inspections) - Added 'Property Inspection' Report to 'Property Inspections' 
  • Transaction (Online Banking): Strip '-' from 'Bank Account Number' on Entry
  • End of month improvements
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