Sprint 19

  • Bulk Mail merge now shows a progression bar when generating merge 
  • Tenancy Invoice now saves tenancy invoice email to diary 
  • Owner statement/remittances will now email out 
  • Generate Owner Payments Transaction 'Comments' no longer fill in automatically 
  • Processing an invoice from a works order will not refresh the action to work invoiced 
  • Transactions (History): now allows you to 'Reveal' a 'Hidden Transaction' 
  • If Online Banking owner payment lines that don't have a valid bank account number will now be disabled 
  • Tenancy Invoice: Ensure that attachment is saved as Invoice Document in property diary 
  • Import Bank file - tenant details matching improvements 
  • Online Banking matching will not save before processing to stop data loss 
  • filters added under custom views for Agent and Date Range 
  • You can now add extra images to an imported inspection 
  • You can now add/edit a diary group under system 
  • Dashboard: Reminders / Invoices processing improvements 
  • Dashboard: Current / All Filter - filters fixed so All shows ALL 
  • Pending Supplier Invoices: Navigation fixed for the back button 
  • Owner statement run will save the details set from the last statement run
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