Sprint 21

  • Import bank statement set up - you can now exclude a footer 
  • Diary: Enable file uploads to client portal for type Invoice & Tenancy Charge 
  • Dashboard - Editing a Supplier invoice 'Save & close' takes you back to dashboard 
  • All users added payment types will default to 'Direct Credit' 
  • Generating Ledger Payments Online file will contain 'Ledger Description' in Particulars 
  • Generating a transaction from work orders will now refresh the action 
  • Import bank statement matching improvements 
  • Import bank statement Tenant match payment details are editable and save all changes 
  • Modify Tenant AP function now allows you to include comments 
  • Owner split payment toggle will now save to 'on' 
  • Receipt bond(other) will now show in the selected ledger or on tenants other amounts etc 
  • name change on transaction generated payment - 'Agent' should be 'user' same with ledgers its also called 'agent ' 
  • Receipt ledger will now pick up all the fee ledgers 
  • Bulk Mail merge: will now show a progress bar 
  • Tenancy Invoice: will now save a copy of the invoice to the tenant diary 
  • Transactions - Rapid Entry now added to (Rent Receipt, Owner Receipt, Receipt Tenancy Invoice, Receipt Tenancy Multi.)
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