21st October 2022 | Bond Report updates, Workflow improvements, bug fixes and more....

User Dashboard: Rent Arrears: We have made a slight change to the view behind the rent arrears graph on the dashboard. Users can now expect the rent owing figures on the dashboard to align with the rent owing column displayed on the main tenant list, which in turn will mirror figures displayed on the Tenant Details and Summary of Rent reports. For context, we are now displaying the 'Tenant Group Net Rent Amount' which is a calculated field that takes any part payment into account when displaying a rent owing amount.

Owner Payments (Version 3): Split Payment: We were made aware of issues recently relating to online files being rejected on upload to the bank. We have drilled down into this issue and discovered if a database is set up to use our Owner Payments - Version 3 process, has the system bank set to ASB and also has Owners set up for split payment, the online file created via the confirmation email sent to the processing user was including invalid characters. We have now fixed this issue, so online files generated for owner payments via the confirmation email will upload to the bank successfully as expected.

Property Charges: Pending charge with keepback: If you've ever come across a scenario where strict audit should fail on transaction confirm (when entering property charges), and you aren't met with the option to create a pending invoice with a keepback, we have uncovered and fixed the issue behind this. As such, you will now be met with the pending invoice/keepback option on transaction confirmation as expected, when the strict audit setting is in play when entering property charges.

Reports: Bond Audit: We have made some column heading changes on this report, to ensure the heading name clearly reflects the information displayed. As such, we have renamed the Bond Paid column to Bond Receipted and renamed the Paid Date column to Date Bond Receipted.


Reports: Bond not fully paid: Similar to the changes made to the Bonds Held report in our last release, we have renamed the Bond Paid column to Bond Receipted and added a new Bond Receipted Date column -  which displays Receipt - Bond transaction (Last receipt/Refund date).


Reports: Owner Statements: Effective paid-to-dates (Australian databases only): For our Australian clients, we were made aware of issues recently relating to the Tenant's effective paid-to-dates displayed on Owner Statements. We have fixed this issue, so moving forward you can expect the correct effective paid-to dates to be displayed on your Owner Statements.

User Dashboard: Tenancy Invoices: We have fixed an issue relating to repetitive Tenancy Invoices processed from the dashboard. These entries were found to not be taking the Tenants Invoice Media setting into account on processing. From now on though, any repetitive Tenancy Invoices processed from the dashboard will be generated and sent out based on the relevant Tenants Invoice Media settings as expected (Paper, Email, Email & Paper, None).

Supplier: Archiving criteria: We have made a small change to the criteria for archiving a Supplier, we will now not only be looking for a $0.00 balance but will also be looking for any unprocessed pending invoices or open work orders as well. If any of these criteria are not met, you will be advised of this when attempting to archive a supplier.

User Dashboard: Rent Reviews: The view behind the Rent Reviews - Upcoming segment on the dashboard was not behaving correctly, where Users would receive all upcoming rent reviews and not just those isolated to the next 30 days as expected. We have now fixed this so Users can expect to see entries relating to rent reviews upcoming in the next 30 days only when drilling down into the upcoming segment.

Reports: SMS Log: The User filter for the SMS log will now behave as expected when used. Meaning the selected Users' entries will now be displayed on report generation, instead of All User's entries.


System: Keys: The key code generator under the Advanced Key System has been changed, so the key numbers generated will now be 4 characters by default.

Note: The new format for key numbers will be XXXX, but will follow the next number in sequence based on the original setup. For example, the format currently is 53 when using the system to generate the ‘next’ key number. As a result of this task, that format will change to 0053. We only store the ‘numeric’ value though, so the format change won’t have any sort of impact on the ‘next’ number in sequence, the user will simply see keys go from 53 > 0054.


Reports: Change Log: In addition to the changes made in our last release, which sees our Entity Alerts function showcased a bit more in the system. We had now added recording into the main change log for all entity alerts, which will record when any entity alert is created/edited or removed.

Reports: Bank Reconciliation - Presented: Daily Summary filter: When the new Daily Summary filter is used on this report, we have now added even more grouping and subtotals. Each Owner now has an individual Owner Summary - broken down by transaction type, and an overall combined Owner Summary has also been added.

Property: Diary - Invoice documents: We often get reports of an invoice processed through doc flow causing a dreaded error when the invoice is attempted to be previewed via the property diary. We know, this is annoying, and why does it break here when it was fine in the doc flow area? We definitely hear you with this one and as a result, we've traced down the issue and done what we do best, implemented a fix! Whether, you use Tapi, MMgr, Invoice Flow or our standard Doc Flow option (maybe even the upcoming M+ integration) all invoices processed should have no issues being previewed via the property diary.

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