Holiday Guest - Hostaway Integration

If you currently use or have recently signed up with Hostaway, you can activate the Palace & Hostaway integration by following the below steps:

In Hostaway:

  • From the Hostaway dashboard, navigate to Settings > Hostaway API
  • Select Create and enter a Name for the API Key (E.g Palace)mceclip1.png
  • Select Create
  • You will get a pop-up window confirmation, containing the Account ID and API key (these will be needed later on)
    IMPORTANT: This will only be displayed ONCE so ensure you copy this for entry into Palace a little later on
  • Next, navigate to Settings > Integrations and scroll down to the Unified Webhooks section of the page
  • Under the Add Webhook section, copy and paste the below link into the URL Field, and set the ''Is Enabled'' field to YES -

  • Lastly, select Add **and you should see a success message.**

The setup for the integration on the Hostaway side is now completed


In Palace:

  • Navigate to System > Settings > Integrations and select Setup Hostaway


  • Here you will be prompted to enter the Account ID and API Key information provided to you via Hostaway earlier (refer to the Hostaway setup above) 


  • Select Save Changes

The integration is now ready to go

Please refer to the important notes below that cover the initial linking of Palace properties to Hostaway listings and the Manual Sync function:

  • You need to have your properties (listings) in Hostaway first
  • In Palace, go to those properties and select Link to Hostaway Listing, select the Hostaway listing in the pop-up box. (Ensure you have the correct listing)


Once the link is successful, 2 things will happen:

  • A Manual Sync option will appear - Selecting this option will bring through all current related Guests (Reservations) where the check-in date is equal to or greater than today, and the Status equals New**** (NOTE: There is an issue currently, where the Reservation Status is being ignored, meaning Owner Stays, Enquiries and cancelled bookings are also coming through - a fix for this will be applied shortly)


  • On the Integration side - Newly added Guests (Reservations) in Hostaway for that listing, from that point on will feed through to Palace - these take about 30 seconds to come across
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