Holiday Guest - Refunding the Deposit

There are two types of Deposits

  1. A part payment of their whole rent amount. You will only need these instructions if you put it in a holding ledger to be used for rent later
  1. A holding deposit that is refundable to the tenant after the holiday is completed

Note: Currently we will be doing a negative transaction to refund the deposit. Please ALWAYS follow these instructions and DO NOT use any of the Refund transactions in Palace

  • Go to Financial, Transactions
  • Select Receipt Holiday Guest (Multiple)
  • Click Generate
  • Select the Guest

  • Select the Receipt Bond Ledger and then put in the amount with a – sign in front of it
  • If you are receipting it back in as rent, then pick Receipt Rent and put the amount again but as normal
  • If you are giving the money back to the Guest then just leave as the one transaction and click process
  • Remember you will need to pay in bank manually at this stage. 
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