Holiday Guest - Paying the Owners

You should always use Payment Owner Generated - If you do want to pay just one Owner, follow the instructions below and then untick all but the one you want to pay.

Note: You can pay an owner out singularly, but just note that all monies will show here, not just the ones released to pay.

  • Go to Financial, Transactions
  • On the right hand side select - Payment – Owner Holiday (Generated)
  • Click Generate
  • Within the Batch Setup box, fill out the relevant details. If you do not want to run statements, then leave the Generate Statement option as No and Palace will just look for all payments that are clear and ready to be paid out up to the “To” date that you enter – Normally you would leave as today
  • If you want to generate statements, change the Generate Statement option to Yes and enter in a From date. The From date is normally the date after you last ran the statements to.
  • NOTE: The From date within the batch setup box is purely for calculating opening balances for the Owner Statements - I.e. the From date has no impact on payment amounts.

  • Click on Process
  • Payments will appear on the screen. (These are owners that have completed bookings, that are fully paid up to and including the To Date entered within the batch setup screen). NOTE: Make sure you have marked your guests as fully paid in order to have their funds released to the Owner.
  • Then click on Process
  • Click on Online file and generate your online file

PAL Holidays module: Batch Owner Payments - Allow net off: In line with our standard batch Owner payment workflow, we have now added the 'Net-Off' functionality to our PAL Holidays module - Payment Owner Holiday - Generated batch transaction.


NOTE: If you're not 100% about how Net-off works, click here to have a full read into the details.

PAL Holidays module: Owner Statements - Invoice copies: We have introduced the ability to attach invoice document copies to Owner Statements during processing of batch Holiday Owner Payments & Statements. When the Generate Statement toggle is set to YES within the Holiday Owner Payments batch setup window, Users will now see an Invoice Documents section with 3 options displayed:

None - No invoice document copies will be sent out with Owner Statements

Include All - All invoice document copies for the specific period (linked to transactions - transaction date within specified period & not linked to transactions) will be attached and sent out with Owner Statements

Linked Transactions only - Invoice document copies for the specific period that are linked to transactions, will be attached and sent out with Owner Statements.


PAL Holidays module: Owner Statements - Generate for ALL payout balances: The Generate statement option available within the Holiday Owner batch payments set up menu, will now look to generate Statements for ALL current PAL Holiday property Owners regardless of the payout balance (positive, negative or zero).


Issues fixed 10/02/2023

PAL Holidays module: Batch Owner Payments: We have changed the default To Date for Holiday Owner batch payments, to equal the current date for ease of use. We have also fixed an issue that saw guest money not being picked up for payment to the Owner due to a time conversion issue, this will now work as expected.

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