Holiday Guest - Paying the Owners

You should always use Payment Owner Generated, If you do want to pay just one owner, follow the instruction below and then untick all but the one you want to pay.

Note: You can pay an owner out singularly but just note that all monies will show here not just the ones released to pay.

  • Go to Financial, Transactions
  • On the right hand side select - Payment –Owner Holiday (Generated)
  • Click Generate
  • Fill in the Box. If you do not want to run a statement, then leave as No and Palace will just look for all payments that are clear and ready to be paid out up to the “to” date that you enter – Normally you would leave as today
  • If you want to generate statements, change to Yes and then put in the date range you require. From is normally the date you last ran the statements to.

  • Click on process
  • Payments will appear on the screen. (These are owners that have completed bookings that are fully paid in the period of time that you asked for so make sure you have marked your guests as fully paid when they have paid otherwise they will not show)
  • Then click on Process
  • Click on Online file and generate your online file
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