Holiday Guest - Setting up

There are two ways to handle Holiday rentals in Palace, one is through the Property as Guests and the other is to make them tenants.

This help file works on the Property using Guests 

Firstly, the new Holiday's workflow needs to be turned on. To do this you need to contact us - via Support - and we can turn the new function on for you.

This new area can be used just on its own or through the Hostaway Integration - Hostaway Holiday software.

If you are using Hostaway, you must turn on the Integration. Click here to go to those instructions: 

Turning the Property into a Holiday Property

Once you have entered the Property, Change the management type to Pal Holidays and then click on the more button and select Save and View


You will see a Tab called Holidays appear.

Holiday Tab

If you are using the Hostaway Integration, this area will auto fill. Do not enter the guests manually as you will end up doubling up. 

If you are not using the Hostway Integration, then fill in as much information as you can.

Click on Holiday Tab

The filter will be set on Current and you can see any current Guest bookings that are in the system.

Change filter to completed and it will show all previous bookings where the check outdates are now passed and the holiday is fully paid.


To start a new booking click on Add Guest

Booking Details

  • Enter Guest Name, Full, First and Last Name
  • Enter an Email address and phone numbers
  • Enter the date range of the booking “to and from” 
  • Number of Guests
  • Select a status: Select New
  • Booking channel: Where this Guest came from
  • Select a payment method
  • Any Guest/Host Notes



Expense Breakdown

  • Fill in the relevant fields
  • Rent: This is the total rent for the whole booking
  • Deposit: The amount of the deposit you require (regardless if the money comes off the rent or is a holding amount)
  • Enter the relevant fees

Note: These fees once receipted will go into the relevant Ledgers so make sure you have set them up beforehand.

  • Total Amount of Booking: This has to be added up manually so make sure you take into consideration if the deposit is coming off the actual rent amount or not
  • Fully Receipted: This stays at No, until you have receipted all the money and then you come in and change it to yes
  • Click save and close 
  • And then click save and Close on the main screen as well


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